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Our farm

Our climate - farmhouse: close to nature

Thick walls that have been inherited for centuries and at the same time stylish lightness: rural flair, refined with modern but natural furnishings. We invite you to linger preserved tradition revitalized with contemporary comfort.

The 400 year old farm "Luech da Uridl", in German "Uridl-Hof", shaped by centuries of hard work, tradition and closeness to nature, has been carefully and stylishly renovated with much passion. The basic rural structure and the farm's own character should be preserved in order to enhance with ecological building materials Sustainable insulation, heat protection windows and ventilation systems ensure a constant interior temperature and fresh air without ventilation. Our house has been awarded the “Climate House Class A +” certification for its sustainable energy concept.

Take part in life on the farm

Our dairy cows are milked twice a day by farmer Bruno 365 days a year. In summer the cows enjoy the fresh grass on the pasture and in winter hay our mountain meadows. This is how we get wonderful fresh organic milk, which the calves like to drink just as much as we do. In addition, our chickens delight us with fresh eggs and the rabbits are particularly happy when they are petted by the children. The farm's own products such as fresh milk, eggs but also berries, vegetables and herbs from the garden and our own fruit trees let you experience, smell and taste high-quality food. We are happy to show our guests the farm and farmer Bruno is happy when he is looked over his shoulder and helped with his daily work.

Caring for nature, experiencing nature: our philosophy

Responsible management and taking into account the small cycles is important to us.

Our farm is managed according to the guidelines of organic farming since 1999 and is also a member of the Bioland Association. This is not the only reason why respect for nature is our top priority: to us it is very important to protect our living space through reflective management, promote natural biodiversity and soil diversity and thus to leave an environment worth living in for the next generation.

Organic - logically: "Our actions today will determine tomorrow's"

We are convinced that can contribute to doing good for the environment. We make our small contribution to a healthy environment through ecological thinking, which runs through our way of working and living like a red thread - from livestock farming, berry cultivation and cleaning agents to small everyday habits.